Aircraft Sales

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Helping you select the right type aircraft, locate the specific aircraft, and buy or lease it at the right price is an important service provided by Globaljet. Unlike a typical broker, our extensive operational experience with all types of corporate aircraft gives us highly qualified, critical judgment. Through an international network of knowledgeable representatives, ongoing research of the pre-owned aircraft market and strong relationships with domestic and foreign manufacturers of corporate aircraft, Globaljet is uniquely qualified to help you find the aircraft that best suits your needs and financial situation.

Professional, thorough evaluation of aircraft under consideration is available from Globaljet. We can provide a detailed review of the equipment including log book and mechanical condition analysis. We can also prepare a client need vs. aircraft capability study to further assist you in making the accurate decision.

Representation in the sale of your aircraft, or in its trade for another aircraft, is another valuable Globaljet function. With our up to the minute awareness of the pre-owned and new aircraft market, we are extremely well prepared to help you realize maximum value for your aircraft as you sell or trade and assure you of the equitability of any transaction.

The purchase, sale or trade of an asset as sophisticated as a modern business jet warrants the presence of an expert third party who’s on your side. We are very effective in this role.

Recent Transactions

  • Westwind 2 = Acquired
  • Hawker 800 = Acquired/Sold
  • Citation Excel = Acquired
  • Gulfstream 5 = Acquired
  • Beechjet 400A = Acquired/Sold
  • Citation S2 = Sold

Current Inventory for Sale

  • Citation Bravo
  • Gulfstream IV

Open Legs