Safety & Security

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At Globaljet, nothing is more important than safety. We have a flawless safety record with no accidents or FAA violations. And our world-class safety and security experts work continuously to ensure conformity with best safety practices throughout our company.

  • Our pilots train every six months on state-of-the-art, full-motion simulators—twice as frequently as the FAA requires
  • For jets requiring two flight crew members, both the Captain and the First Officer are certified type-rated in that aircraft
  • Our highly skilled dispatch team will monitor your flight in real time
  • We are audited and approved by ARG/US, and have in the past earned the coveted ARG/US Platinum Rating
  • We are also audited and approved by Wyvern Consulting, Ltd. and have in the past earned the desirable Wyvern Wingman Rating

Impeccable Air Transportation and Safety Record

We maintain an impeccable air transportation safety record. You can fly in total comfort and confidence with Globaljet, knowing that you are supported by a rigorous safety system that is recognized among the industries finest.

Unsurpassed Pilot Training and Experience

Every member of Globaljet’s flight team is required to exceed the training standards set forth by the FAA. In addition, all captains receive advanced simulator training twice a year at industry leaders, FlightSafety International or Simuflite.

Stringent Maintenance

Our skilled technicians have created one of the most stringent maintenance procedures in private jet transportation today. The aircraft we manage and charter are monitored continuously. In addition, sophisticated software confirms timely compliance with each aircraft's approved maintenance regimen.

Dedicated Standards and Security Departments

Around the clock, 365 days a year, the highest air transportation safety and security standards are set, implemented and monitored by our dedicated Safety Committee. Our rigorous safety and security standards are recognized among the industries finest. Additionally, our Safety Committee continually evaluates the security policies and procedures used by Globaljet to ensure the security of all our clients.

Stringent Aircraft Selection Process

Our aircraft are hand-selected and must pass a rigorous transition and conformity process to become part of our fleet. If approved, each aircraft is maintained and held to the strictest air transportation standards and must pass ongoing annual and random audits by our Standards Department.

Strict Vendor Management

In addition to our own extensive fleet, our Standards Department enables us to access a select network of quality aircraft. All charter aircraft and crews in our network are continually and rigorously audited and held to our exacting standards.

24 Hour Operations Center: 1.480.350.7927

(855) 597-6445 (Toll Free)

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